Together in Dance provides in school residencies in creative movement and musical theater.


Residencies are always accompanied by professional development training, to ensure that teachers have the knowledge and tools needed to extend the work into other areas of the curriculum. We believe it is crucial that the classroom environment and learning day incorporate movement. To this end, as we work with classroom teachers, we help them recognize the importance of how children explore the world kinesthetically.

In order for students to have meaningful arts experiences, the following elements need to be employed throughout a residency.

All participating students in a creative movement residency will:

    Broaden the ways they express themselves

    Collaborate in the dance-making process

    Use the vocabulary of dance and apply it as they create work

    Be able to reflect on their role in relationship to artistic process and product

    Experience the learning process kinesthetically

    Develop a sense of space and move within that space

    Learn cooperatively

    Experience the health benefits of the art form(s)

    Use the artistic process to connect to the world around them

    Value dance in their lives 

All students in a musical theater residency will:

    Learn musical theater skills involved in creating a musical theater piece

    Write original musical theater scenes and song lyrics

    Build on prior knowledge or the curriculum to develop material

    Create a finished product for the stage

    Reflect on their process throughout the experience

Work collaboratively with classroom peers to create