Together in Dance provides comprehensive training and ongoing professional development to all teaching artists on its roster through its Teaching Artist Mentoring and Professional Development Program (TAMPD).

 This two- pronged approach consists of an intensive mentoring program for emerging teaching artists and professional development for ALL Together in Dance teaching artists.

It builds the community within the organization and contributes to the field at large by encouraging our artists to examine their teaching practice more deeply and to share best practices amongst each other.  



Under our supervision, teaching artists will learn to:

    Develop a unit of study that is informed by the classroom teacher and is appropriate and relevant to the students

    Have clarity of direction that matches the TA's expected student outcomes

    Use modeling that encourages children to make their own choices, rather than copy what they see

    Guide students to shape and refine thier creative product

    Facilitate reflective practice in relationship to the art form

    Be able to articulate the value of approach, specific activities, and philosphy to teachers and other artists