What Educators Have to Say

"Together in Dance has provided us with absolutely outstanding enrichment experiences for our students in early childhood and upper grades, special education and general education, over many years.  Their teaching artists are gifted dance educators who know how to inspire creativity as well as how to manage a class. They are wonderfully collaborative and have worked with teachers to incorporate our workshop teaching model and build on the social studies and literacy curriculum. Our dance collaboration is one of the highlights of the year for children, teachers, and parents." - Liz Phillips, Principal, PS 321

"[Together in Dance] gives them the opportunity to live, create and experience the learning through the senses. Curriculum comes alive through the movement, theater and performance pieces and allows the students to interpret the information as a full body and mind experience. We all know that children learn what they live, Together in Dance lets them live the learning." - Merryl Silver, Arts Coordinator, PS 279

"The performing arts proved to be an incredible catalyst for interest, engagement and learning in the social studies curriculum. No student will forget what they learned while taking part in this amazing integration of the performing arts and social studies with Together in Dance!"- Mecca Culbert, PS 321


"Together in dance is a phenomenal organization.... It has impacted my son in more ways than one. When he first learned that his school P.S 279 were going to offer this program, he was extremely excited and super anxious to have been selected to take part in such a wonderful opportunity. A special thanks to Karen, Roslyn and Sabrina... you ladies are absolutely amazing! You have brought out my son's creative abilities through dance, singing and theatre beyond measure and have permanently left your stamp on his little heart. He has been motivated and inspired in so many ways to pursue his newly discovered passion to act and do theatre because of this organization. I appreciate this program and am extremely thankful my child was able to experience such a thing.... crossing my fingers for next time!!! Wishing you many, many years of continued success!!" - Tasia Smith, Proud Parent, PS 279

"I think my class grew so much during Dance, not only in their ability, together, to move their bodies with discipline, grace and joy (they did learn that), but also in their ability, together, to be self-reflective; to be planners; to be compliment- givers and also constructive critics of their peers." -Colby Hall, 3rd grade teacher

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