Together in Dance

Through creative movement and musical theater residencies, after-school programs, family workshops, and professional development for classroom teachers and teaching artists, Together in Dance provides meaningful arts experiences that develop both the arts and life skills of the participants.


Together in Dance (TID) was formed in 2000 in order to build dance programming for all children in schools, communities and arts organizations. In January 2008 TID incorporated as a not-for-profit. Since it's conception, TID has been providing in school residencies as well as Professional Development to classroom teachers, administrators, principals, teaching artists, physical educators, and dance specialists in the NYC area. In 2015, Together in Dance worked with approximately 4,000 students, 650 family members, and 125 classroom teachers. 

All work aligns with the NY State Learning Standards for the Arts and The Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts in its pedagogical approach. Programs are tailor-made in collaboration with administrators to support the needs of the participants.

Current Programming

Creative Movement Residencies 

engage students in the process of dance-making as they develop an understanding of dance. Emphasis is on strengthening dance literacy, exercising the body and mind, using dance as a lens to examine curriculum, and fostering collaboration amongst students. Students work with a TID Teaching Artist in partnership with the classroom teacher. Class begins with a dance warm-up and an exploration of specific dance concepts. Students engage in the choreographic process by creating movement, sharing ideas, and performing for peers and teachers for feedback. 

Musical Theater Residencies 

explore the social studies curriculum themes such as immigration, colonization, civil rights, and American History, from fourth grade through middle school Students work with a musical director and choreographer to develop skills in theater, choreography, singing, and play writing. Broadway musicals are used as source material for student learning, and to inspire a lyric-writing component of the work. 

After School Programming 

full year and half year programs deepen students' arts learning, build community, and develop skills of collaboration and discipline. 

Family Dance Workshops 

are offered in partnership with schools and cultural institutions. The workshops provide a common language for arts learning in families and are a powerful tool for meaningful connections. 

Professional Development 

for classroom teachers is provided prior to and during residencies. Classroom teachers, physical educators and arts specialists work with a TA to increase their dance and musical theater teaching skills. 

Teaching Artist Mentoring and Professional Development (TAMPD) 

is a capacity-building program that trains teaching artists and provides them with on-going professional development, ensuring that TID continues to provide high quality teaching to children in the arts of Creative Dance and Musical Theater in New York City. 

We impact change by bringing people together to:

    Express ideas through the arts

    Share ideas and work collaboratively to create

    Experience the health benefits of the art form(s)

    Value dance in their lives